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Lëscht eropgelueden Dateien
6/16/1765 mol gekuckt ginnChris Janda with a monster 6.88# bass he caught during a tournament today. Nice fish, and he only tied for big fish.18. Juni 2017
6/17/1763 mol gekuckt ginnChris Janda and friend Russ with a nice 26" walleye caught and released.18. Juni 2017
6/18/1750 mol gekuckt ginnGene and John Berrey caught this nice 22.5# blue today.18. Juni 2017
6/13/1799 mol gekuckt ginnTim and Sam caught a couple of limits of crappie today. A good sign things are picking up.13. Juni 2017
6/7/1799 mol gekuckt ginnTony and Nick with the 27# blue they caught.11. Juni 2017
Greg Monroe, Mike Pendleton, and Dustin Plumb with a good catch of blues. They went 28#, 19#, and 10#.88 mol gekuckt ginn11. Juni 2017
6/4/1771 mol gekuckt ginnAaron and Rich Valley with a nice 30# flathead they caught floating jugs.11. Juni 2017
6/2/17155 mol gekuckt ginnThe Monroe clan had a good day. These blues went 40#, 31.5#, 19#, a couple at 5#, and an 8# flathead.04. Juni 2017

Zoufälleg Datei
195 mol gekuckt ginnImported from old website
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178 mol gekuckt ginnImported from old website
8/25/08479 mol gekuckt ginnThis is just a sampling of the cats caught this morning by Brandon and John Neer this morning. The biggest is about 20# and they had over a dozen total. They are white cats which I guess is a variation of a blue.
5/15/09364 mol gekuckt ginnYup, I had to help Dave hold up his catch of the day. Not a full limit but darn close. And he was off the water before 2.
7/25/0983 mol gekuckt ginn
8/24/09550 mol gekuckt ginnLamar Utterback did real well today with this one being the biggest. He caught it at Peewee's spot. It was 2# 11 oz and was 16.5" long. He beat Ron Howard to South Fork Resort for a picture and bragging rights.
4/13/11512 mol gekuckt ginnMindy Taylor caught a huge 2# 15 oz crappie. This fish was 16.5" long. She released it into our pond.
5/6/11365 mol gekuckt ginnBuke with a nice 2# crappie.
8/13/11256 mol gekuckt ginn
5/26/12380 mol gekuckt ginnJoe and his crew caught this 57# flathead and a bunch more today.
4/20/16150 mol gekuckt ginnA couple of nice big red mushrooms.